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Vicky Haugh

Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Gentle and Holisitc Sleep

Member of the IACSC



Instagram: @thebabysleepcoach_gsc


A Bit About Me

Hello, I am Vicky, The Baby Sleep Coach,

and welcome to the first step on your journey to peaceful sleep for both you and your child. Like you, I was, and sometimes still am, a tired Mum of three young children.

As a busy Mum whose previous career was in finance, I understand the pressures of daily life, creche runs, the evening dash home to get everyone fed and off to bed, and furthermore I understand how much more of a challenge this is when you have a baby or a small child who does not sleep and needs constant support throughout the night.

My daughter was a typical textbook baby, very placid, slept and fed and aside from some reflux was what you would call a very “Easy Baby”, eighteen months later our son arrived. He was alert from the second he was born, and as I would later learn through my training, it is these very alert babies that lead to most of the calls that sleep consultants receive.

As fun and energetic as alert babies are, these are the very reasons they find it hard to down-regulate and shut out the world to go to sleep! With our children barely a year and a half apart and one good sleeper, we sacrificed our son’s sleep to keep our daughters. We gave him bottle after bottle each night, jumped at his every movement, and lifted him at every whimper. 


At eighteen months we could count on one hand the number of times he had slept through the night and decided enough was enough, we could not do it anymore and he deserved better. Through a recommendation from a friend, we sought the help of a sleep consultant and after a few days of being held accountable he was sleeping through the night and so were we!

In hindsight, this was the best thing that happened to us as it led me on my journey to help and support you! The experience with our consultant awakened a passion within me to learn more about the subject of infant sleep to be able to help families achieve a better night’s sleep.

I completed an intensive and comprehensive Gentle Sleep Coaching Programme in the US and am now a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach (CGSC). A qualification that is upheld by other leading sleep consultants in Ireland and worldwide.

My training was enhanced through comprehensive training seminars by leading experts and medical professionals.

Kim West, The Sleep Lady, Baby & Child Sleep Expert, and founder of the Gentle Sleep Coach Training programme

Dr Anthony Loizides, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Bronx NY

Dr Lewis Kass, Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Sleep Medicine, NY; and Director and Consultant at the Sleep Disorders Centre of Norwalk USA

Dr Shoshana Bennett, Clinical Psychologist and Leading Specialist on Postpartum Depression

Lindsey Biel, Occupational Therapist, and author of “Raising a Sensory Smart Child”.


Through my experiences with my own family, my friends' children, and my extensive training as a baby sleep coach I can tell you that no two children are the same, that no child needs less sleep than another, and that no child is just a “poor sleeper”. The answer is that your child just needs to enhance their skill set in self-soothing, down regulating, and learning how to put themselves to sleep.

My approach is gentle, empathetic, non-judgmental, and collaborative; considering what works best for your family unit and your desired outcome.

I provide several different packages as not every family’s needs are the same and not all cases are as extensive as each other. I’m mindful that, not all parents are sure if the process will be right for them which is why I offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can have a quick chat to see if you are ready to begin your sleep coaching journey with me.


Throughout our time together I will offer you support, advice, and education around your child’s behaviours when it comes to sleep. I will also provide you with the tools that you need to feel confident to take yourself through future progressions and developmental milestones.

It is never too early to start laying down healthy foundations and sleep hygiene, but more importantly, it is never too late to change.

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